Girls' Brigade Northern Ireland, GBNI

Structure of GBNI


Company membership includes teams of voluntary leaders, selected by the local Church, and girls of all ages, from 3 - 18 years old.


Companies are grouped together in local areas to form Districts. Officers from local Companies are appointed to run the District, providing activities and events for girls and leaders where they can meet, have fun, compete and share friendship.

There are 15 Districts in Northern Ireland:

  • 1. Castlewood
  • 2. Shaftesbury
  • 3. Cavehill
  • 4. Ards
  • 5. Strangford & Mourne
  • 6. Lagan
  • 7. Mid-Ulster
  • 8. Glenabbey
  • 9. East Antrim
  • 10. North Antrim
  • 11. North West
  • 12. West Ulster
  • 13. Riada
  • 14. Bann
  • 15. Lough Neagh

Each District is co-ordinated by an officer in charge called a Commissioner, supported by others including an Assistant Commissioner, Secretary and Treasurer. Districts elect officers to represent the views of members in that District on NI level decision making teams.

Northern Ireland Level

Girls' Brigade NI is run by volunteers for volunteers. A number of local representatives are elected to a NI level council, called 'Brigade Council', to lead the organisation in terms of its vision and direction. Brigade Council meets 3 or 4 times each year to discuss and debate issues regarding the ministry and strategic direction of GBNI. As the Council is made up of representatives from each Girls' Brigade District, the views and opinions of local members are channelled directly to the decision makers in the organisation.
While the Brigade Council provide leadership and vision for the organisation, it is the role of the Executive Committee to govern the organisation and to lead the organisation along the path that Council have set. The Executive meets on a monthly basis, making decisions about the strategic operation of the organisation. The day-to-day running of the organisation will be delegated to HQ staff.
For practical reasons, the Executive works with sub-groups that are set up to focus on various aspects of Girls' Brigade work. These include Executive, Spiritual, Training, Activities, PE, Duke of Edinburgh's Award, and Programme Teams. These Teams meet regularly throughout the year providing a valuable service to all GB Companies. GB leaders are nominated onto these subgroups by their Districts.

GBNI Executive Team Members

Vice President : Lyn Campbell
Latifa McCullagh
Lyn Campbell
Castlereagh Presbyterian GB
Vice President
Latifa McCullagh
Maghergall Presbyterian GB
Linda Buchanan
Linda Buchanan
Greenwell St Presbyterian GB
Doreen Draffin
Deaconess, Whitehouse Presbyterian
Gordon Smyth
Valerie Hamilton
Isobel McKane
Gordon Smyth
External member
Designated Child Protection Officer
Valerie Hamilton
Drumreagh Presbyterian GB
Deputy Child Protection Officer
Isobel McKane
Knocknamuckley Parish GB
Amanda Derby
Fiona Skelly
Carolyn Pauley
Audrey Godfrey
Amanda Derby
St Mary's Parish Belfast GB
Fiona Skelly
Fisherwick Presbyterian GB
Carolyn Pauley
Hazelbank Presbyterian GB
Audrey Godfrey
Kilmakee GB
Danielle McAllister Jayne Ruddock Ruth Spratt
Executive Youth Representative
Danielle McAllister
Joymount Presbyterian
Executive Youth Representative
Jayne Ruddock
Tullylish Parish
Executive Youth Representative
Ruth Spratt
First Bangor Presbyterian
  • GBNI President: Lyn Campbell, Castlereagh Presbyterian GB
  • GBNI Vice-President: Latifa McCullagh, Maghergall Presbyterian GB
  • GBNI Chairperson: Linda Buchanan, Greenwell St Presbyterian GB, Newtownards
  • GBNI Chaplain: Doreen Draffin, Deaconess, Whitehouse Presbyterian
  • Treasurer: Gordon Smyth, external member
  • Designated Child Protection Officer: Valerie Hamilton, Drumreagh Presbyterian GB
  • Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer: Isobel McKane, Knocknamuckley Parish GB
  • Amanda Derby, St Mary's Parish Belfast GB
  • Fiona Skelly, Fisherwick Presbyterian
  • Carolyn Pauley, Hazelbank Presbyterian GB

Youth Representatives on Executive Committee

  • Danielle McAllister, Joymount Presbyterian GB
  • Jayne Ruddock, Tullylish Parish GB
  • Ruth Spratt, First Bangor Presbyterian GB

You can email your youth reps with your views on any GB issues which they can then feed into the GBNI Executive Committee:

GBNI Headquarters

Staff at Headquarters provide a range of services to members including resources and information for leaders, administrative support, co-ordination of training, events and other activities. Through our Supplies department uniforms, awards, resource materials and various gifts are sold.

Girls' Brigade Europe

Girls' Brigade NI belongs to the GB Europe Fellowship, along with England & Wales, Ireland, Palestine, Romania and Scotland. For further information on GB Europe visit

GB Europe Executive Reps

  • Lyn Campbell, GBNI President
  • GBNI National Secretary
  • Danielle McAllister, GBNI Europe Youth Rep
  • Megan Nobel, GBNI Europe Youth Rep

Girls' Brigade International

Worldwide there are now over 3,000 GB companies with over 126,000 girls and young women meeting and discovering Jesus week by week through the work of The Girls' Brigade.

Girls' Brigade is working in 52 countries and islands around the world, each working towards the same aim. Girls' Brigade around the world is organised into groupings called 'Fellowships'. There are 5 Fellowships:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Americas/Caribbean
  • Europe
  • Pacific

Representatives from each fellowship, together with the International President and Treasurer form 'The International Presidents Committee', who have the responsibility of the work of The Girls' Brigade at an International level. International Council Meetings known as ICGB are held every four years.



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